About Us

Staffies in need is a brand new charitable business in the process of being set up.

Staffies in need focuses on Staffordshire bull terriers and staffie cross breeds.

So what will staffies in need be doing you ask?... let me tell you.

Staffies in need will focus on rescuing staffies that need our help. We will focus on fostering staffies and rehabilitating them while they temporarily live with foster families until their forever homes can be found.

Staffies in need pride themselves on these vulnerable dogs living within a foster family setting and not in kennels.


So what will my donation be spent on I hear you ask, let me answer this for you.

These beautiful animals have all come from broken homes, we need to ensure all these doggies feel safe and loved and happy, we need to ensure these dogs have a healthy diet, food doesn’t come cheap, we need to ensure these dogs have somewhere to sleep, beds don’t come cheap, we need to make sure these dogs can go out for walks, leads don’t come cheap, we need to make sure these dogs have food and water, bowls don’t come cheap. The most important thing we need donations for is vet bills, these bills can vary anything from £5 to £500, these vet bills are vital for these dogs wellbeing.


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Our Services

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Our Mission

We rescue the animals....... The animals rescue us!

     Our mission is to prevent animal cruelty, to educate people in responsible dog ownership as well as caring and being respectful for animals. We aim to provide a caring and loving forever home through fostering until adoption. To encourage a community to value and respect animals and enjoy their love and loyalty in return.

      We believe animals can contribute and enrich lives in many ways, we promote a healthy relationship with animals and their owners.

     Animals and their families are assessed for safety and compatibility and are cared for by our volunteer fosterers who enable their new journey to their new homes.  

Our Vision

Our vision is to travel all over the U.K to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home as many staffs and staff cross breeds as we can to keep them out of kennels, off the streets and in their forever loving homes.  



Bella is a staff cross American bulldog she is staffies in need mascot. Bella help dogs to rehabilitate. She does a fantastic job in doing it too. ❤❤❤❤

Please join us on our journey to give these dogs a second chance and a forever loving home.

Jennifer   Staffies-In-Need